Which Elven characters are you most like? Answer the questions and find out.

What are you most likely to wear on a typical day?

Black shirt, black pants...everything black.
Bodices with nice skirts, usually barefoot.
A tank top and loose pants.
Leather, and as much as possible.
Tight, scaly, red tops with gray skirts.
White shirts, vests, and slacks.
Dead animals.
White t-shirts and loose pants.

Somebody really pisses you off. What do you do about it?

Hit them with lightning.
Summon a dragon.
Tell them they are evil.
Cuss them out.
Ruffle their hair, or you know, light them on fire.
Cut them.
Turn up your nose.
Draw a sword.

Your ideal Elven haircolour is:

Red and straight.
Shaved blonde with a blonde and a pink lock in the front.
White and short.
Blonde and spiky.
Red and curly.
Short and black.
Long and white.

Your favourite accessory is:

An invisible, imaginary fairy.
A cute young boy.
A sword.
Something leather.
A fishing rod.

You could quite possibly be described as:

A jerk.

Your ideal mate is:

A submissive woman in tight clothes.
A warm guy with a sense of humor.
The one you're with at the time.
A strong, intelligent woman.
A young gay boy.
You'll have what she's having.
Not a priority.
Someone to take care of you.

So...tell me a little about yourself:

"I hate even my friends."
"I know what's going on, you aren't fooling me."
"I'm not a slut, I'm just lonely."
"Zap zap pow, you're dealing with me now. Recognize."
"That's a secret, sweety."
"Hero son of heroes, but I'm over my head here.."
"I'm nothing special, I'm more interested in you, personally."
"I can do more with my abilities than people twice as experienced, and with half the control."


Killed himself a bear when he was only three..
My desire for the priestess is none of your business.
My head hurts.
My eyes are here, droolboy.
Black is the new black.
Beware fate's moods... especially boredom.
Yes well, this is all very amusing but can we give those back now?